“All AT teachers especially Training Directors will benefit from viewing this video. It provides research based clarification about the profound psycho-social changes that can occur in an Alexander lesson, and sound advice for teachers who are experiencing this situation. 

My gratitude to Maria and Ellen for their remarkable work. “

Judy Stern

“The “Alexander technique story project“ by Maria Vahervuo and Ellen Bierhorst is an important advance in our understanding of the psychological impact of the technique.
Their ingenious use of modern technological tools such as video conferencing and online survey platforms gives us a valuable model for future research in the Alexander technique.

Their thoughtful analysis of the  rich trove of highly interesting data collected helps clarify our thinking about the potent psychological impact our technique can have on students and trainees. Since Maria and Ellen have chosen to freely offer their video report online, it can and should become a part of teachers training for many years to come.”

Michael Frederick

“At last the ‘psycho’ of psychophysical is being taken seriously as an outcome of the work, just as much as changes in poise, posture, breath and voice are.Ellen Bierhorst and Maria Vahervuo have brought back into prominence a phenomenon which FM Alexander, and many teachers subsequently, have encountered on a regular basis, but may not have known how best to deal with. We know today that if a person is prepared to encounter the ‘psycho’ element of the psychophysical experience, they are already equipped to do so themselves. Having triggered this response, all we have to do is fulfill our responsibility to our students simply by fully being there for them. Ellen and Maria’s project is truly pioneering as it allows us to see how, as teachers, we can finally begin to bring this aspect of our work into the open. This project has to be supported, advanced and then incorporated openly into our work without further reservation or delay”.

Niall Kelly